Tables and Night Stands

Country Cottage End Table UPGRADED

FIRST Styling

Country cottage styling is not too different from Shabby Chic.  The way that I’ve seen the difference is in the colors. I’m sure an expert could describe more.  Frankly, it seems to me so-called experts or professionals make this stuff up.  Call a style any thing you want and it works, (except Steampunk and Rustic).   From what I can tell, Country Cottage uses light pastels with white, like this end table.  It is heavily weathered looking with multiple color layers, robins egg blue, sea foam green and old white.


Added some interest to dress up a bland top. 

The layering technique involves using wax to resist top layers.  It’s so much fun I wanted to spend a lot of time doing it, therefore the end result is heavy.  Like eating chocolate, how can one taste just a little bit?  The sanding phase was intentioned for distressing the corners only but other things started to happen, so I went with it.  Now it’s layered and weathered.

End tables are a very easy and inexpensive way to upgrade or restyle a living or bedroom!


Constructive comments from a friend that the top was bland and the handle was bland also lead a restyle for this piece.  She was right.  I thought the chippy paint was a little over done anyway.  So, I painted over the chippy paint and distressed the piece but much less than the first styling.  To address the bland top, each corner is dressed with a stencil.  Yeah, makes a difference!  Knobs and handles should be statement pieces. Of course, what was I thinking?!  The handle is out, a glass knob for bling is definitely IN.



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