Re-purposed Flea Market Finds

Summer of 2016, flea markets became an obsession.  Don’t mess with my Saturday mornings! 

Estate tag sales and thrift stores are lumped into a single name for me: Flea Market!

Upcycled Clock 80's makeover

Upcycle An Old Clock

My new obsession is finding and painting ugly old clocks.  They are found at garage sales, flea markets and, thrift stores still somewhat cheap.  Since…
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Table Leg Plant Stand

Repurposed Table Legs

Lovely Plant Stand Table legs and a metal tray, two useless junk pieces, into something unique and functional is a hoarders dream.  I’m not exactly…
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Seed Sack Chairs

SOLD Authentic seed sacks are around but getting harder to find.  I had the pleasure of attending a homestead estate sale in Grass Lake just…
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Cream Separator Pendant Light, Repurposed, Jackson MI

Industrial Metal Pendant Light

Create an urban industrial chic look in any room instantly with this repurposed metal farm part turned hanging lamp.   This is no store bought reproduction, it…
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Wonder about how Flea Market got it’s name?   People of New York City began the term in the early 1800s the “Fly Market” and it was the city’s principal market, as it still is in countries like China and India.

 I went to one of the first estate tag sales.  There was nothing to do that Saturday.  There were no expectations of finding anything in particular. I was going just look at other peoples stuff and house. Yep, I am a curious snoop of how other people live and especially like to look at old stuff.