Repurposed flea market finds

Doily Burlap Button Bulletin Board

My photography lacks a proper back drop or wall for taking pictures.  The picture does no justice for the piece.

Doilies, button top thumb tacks, burlap, small hooks, and clothes pins make a super cool bulletin board.  It’s made of solid wood and is an original gold antique frame about 4’x2′.  The french style burlap and cork board creates a chic way to organize and display favorite things.  There are tiny hooks with bows for hanging lanyards, necklaces and bracelets.  Doily pockets with button trim are right sized for snap shots and 3×5 cards. Moveable thumb tack clothes pins are useful for clipping announcements, brochures, and portraits.

You will enjoy much deserved ‘me time’ hanging a board like this and filling it with your favorite things.

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