Tables and Night Stands

Side Tables Farm Red

Matching side tables to paint are hard to find. My usual search rotation includes Habitat for Humanity Restore. It was the favorite place for donating my Dad’s household furniture when the time came. His two side tables were still there waiting for a buyer since November. The site of them yanked at me and there was really no choice but for me to take them home.

This time I sought advise from an upscale furniture seller, Debbie at Westside Furniture in Jackson, MI. She is closest to knowing what buyers are searching. What color and style would she want for consigning these side tables? Her answer was Farmhouse Red. She loved the result and was happy to take them for consignment, yay!

Starting Color – Pink??

I would have never thought to use that color on my own and asking paid off! Black glaze or wax considerably darkens paint color. Getting the specific farmhouse red as an END result took a little guessing on the color with which to START. I moved up the color chart to a shade lighter than my goal. Yeah, it was gross to paint Cherry Kisses Valspar color.

Add Black Glaze

My mind still saw pink even after the black glaze was applied. It took a few days to adjust my thoughts to the beautiful farmhouse red these ended up. See the oak grain? Yeah, I wanted it to show so I did not use chalk paint. Straight up latex paint enabled me to maintain the grain!

Top Coat

A few coats of General Finishes Flat produced the perfect protection and sheen.

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