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Where to Buy Painted Furniture in Jackson MI

Something wonderful is happening in Jackson, MI. The area is thriving with unique shops selling painted furniture. Some vendored and consigned, all of them founded, owned and operated by women! 3 new stores have popped up in the downtown area this last year alone.

Any Style Any Where

Find unique pieces hand painted by local artists in each shop. Each painter excels each in their own style. It is awesome that not one shop is exclusive to just one style. At any given time you’ll find an array of colors, design, and techniques.

There are a half dozen professional painters in Jackson. One painter has a great hand at BoHo Chic blending brighter colors and hippie influences. Another painter I know has her own tasteful style that comes naturally. You’ll see Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, Old World styles and more. Sometimes painted furniture is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna find.

6 Shops in a 10 Mile Radius

If you are looking for an accent dresser, nightstand, or buffet, Jackson MI has more shops with painted furniture than any in a 10 mile radius. Each location is in alphabetical order: Antique Mercantile, The Blessed Nest, Not So Shabby Oh So Chic, Painted Plethora, Rustic Market, and Windy Hill. * Check out the interactive map and plan a round trip tour Saturday event with your bestie.

If something doesn’t strike you, take the tour in another couple of weeks. Pieces are constantly added to Jackson’s inventory.

Interactive Map

Check out the interactive round trip map for turn by turn directions, starting and ending in Downtown Jackson.

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No shop or painter is promoted. Images are from those readily available in public domain. Any shop not included is NOT intentional. Please let me know of any that may be missing.

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