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1880's Cotton White Glove Box Dresser

Furniture Terminology for $100, Alex. The name of the type of antique dresser with two small pull out drawers on top. What is a Glove Box Dresser? It took some research to get the proper name. Now I feel smart.

Glove Box Dresser BEFORE

I almost passed on this purchase because it was $5 above my budget. That is an unbelievable close call. So happy to transform it into something beautiful. This guy was beat to hell especially on the edges, corners and top – like with a hammer. It suffered much use in it’s day . . . like since 1880!

Look what was found behind the mirror!

Canadian Independant Newspaper Clipping 1880's

It’s a page from the Canadian Independent from the 1880’s announcing Thanksgiving Day National Holiday. Unintended time capsule. Yeah, I put it back after it was painted and re-assembled.

Cotton Soft White Distressed

Pictures and color are somewhat unreliable. These were taken on a cloudy day and looks light gray but it’s not. Since the original piece was ‘rustic’, I thought it best to take advantage of it by going for ‘farmhouse’ or ‘shabby’ styling.

The Labor of Love:

  1. Primed with stain blocking primer – stinky stinky stinky
  2. Two coats custom blend cotton soft white chalk paint
  3. Added top drawer applique’ for some extra chic
  4. Removed the not-original bat-wing handles and replaced with new shabby knobs from Hobby Lobby.
  5. Kept the original ceramic knobs on the top two glove box drawers
  6. Tastefully distressed and sanded
  7. Top coated with 2 applications General Finishes High Performance Flat.

There’s Always Trouble

When I type out the list of the makeover tasks, it looks and sounds so easy! But . . . something always comes up that’s a struggle. Stain from the old wood managed to seep through the paint in some areas. It is something I know to expect when painting with white but I still get frustrated. It didn’t take much to fix. Yay!

Check the For Sale page to see if this painted 1880 Cotton White Glove Box Dresser is still available.

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