Repurposed flea market finds

A Bucket for Greens

Farmhouse antique height chair turned plant display stand was given a makeover by a cycle of highly distressed white paint and wax.  Nothing fancy here but an authentic weathered galvanized bucket and a painted height chair.

It is perfect for a change of season by replacing the plan with wonderful holiday green trimmings.

Create a fantastic farmhouse style Christmas display on your porch, entry way or any corner of the house with left over pine tree trimmings.  Add an ornament in the middle for some color and you won’t stop looking at it.  After the holiday’s, change it over with a house plant to warm up the house.  This inexpensive display piece is versatile for every season.

SOLD 1-27-2018 at Antique Mercantile, on Hupp Street in Jackson MI


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