Dressers and Vanities

Antique Coral Painted Dresser: How Defects Turned Beautiful

“For I Know the Plans I Have for You” – Jeremiah 29:11

This girl had no idea a plan was in place for her salvation, sitting there in a pile of trash. Divine intervention, through a need of a tank of gas, she was spotted in a huge dumpster one block from my house. I almost didn’t stop, thinking if it was in the dumpster it was probably no good. I stopped anyway. Nothing to loose.

Design Inspiration

Keeping a small inventory of decoupage tissue paper comes in real handy. This floral design is from Zazzle.com. It’s hard to keep my inventory to only a few. One can easily rack up the expense there.

My neighbor Mary and daughter Emily narrowed down the paint color choice to a shade of rose or this antique coral from Benjamin Moore from my local ACE.

Character Defects Come Together To Make Beautiful Harmony – paraphrased Romans 8:28

Again, the hand of God at work, not necessarily for the dresser but to remind me that He can make beauty from ashes IF I have the courage to change, to take a longer view.

Paper Weight

Here’s a mistake I’d make again! I had ordered paper in two different weights to experiment. It’s a nice idea I had forgotten about. I pulled paper from the envelope and started applying it in the center, not knowing it was 18 lb weight. Then, after mulling around the look, I decided to fill the space to its edges and pulled out another piece. It went on differently but I shrugged it off. 20 minutes later it finally occurred to me it was a different weight paper. I almost scraped it all off but instead took a longer view of the difference and reassessed my judgement. I decided the mistake was actually not bad, faded kind of. So I kept it and continued the edges in 10 lb paper – and I’d do it again!

Accidental Shabby Legs

Early on, before priming and painting, the legs started out being refinished using paint remover to be similar to the buffet recently finished. Life got in the way. I don’t recommend leaving citri-strip paint remover for 3-days. I scrubbed and scrubbed to remove the white residue. It wouldn’t budge. After deciding I’d come back to it later, maybe with a paint brush, the white slowly became attractive to me, kind of shabby chic looking. So I kept it.

A Crown of Beauty Instead of Ashes – Isiah 61:3

This piece has special meaning to me. She is God’s gentle reminder that believing in Him, unpleasant and painful events happening in the now have a special purpose. Those in the past as well have a role to play especially when I have the Courage to Change. All the nicks and gouges are still there but they are beautiful now.

About Her

  • Antique 6 drawer solid wood dresser – 2 upper and lower large drawers and 2 unique glove drawers mid-section.
  • Painted Antique Coral
  • Decoupage Vintage Garden Vertical Bouquet designed by GardenStyle in Zazzle.com
  • Dark aging wax applied to wood details
  • Sparingly applied light dry brush highlights on some edges
  • New customized hardware
  • Stenciled stripes in plaster color

Dimensions: 48″ Tall x 34″ wide x 18″ deep

SOLD! $325 and Located inside Windy Hill Market, 217 N. Jackson Street Downtown Jackson