Dressers and Vanities

Antique Vanity and Drama

A woman’s personal space in the midst of chaos, check out this dramatic vanity revival. This beat up sophisticate got her glory back, dark gray with highlight blending. Watch her simple, elegant and dramatic makeover in pictures.

Design Consensus from Friends

Color selection makes me nervous, especially for unique and special pieces. Cool antique vanities like this deserve a return to glory. I want to do her justice, so I turned to my FB friends. There is no way for me to choose among these 3 splendid inspiration photos. I love them all but hands down but Jackson women prefer the dramatic dark gray style on the left.

Time Capsule

Speaking of drama, each disassembly of an antique mirror bring a little excitement. One mirror held a newspaper page from 1885, an outstanding find. Behind this mirror is an empty cavernous space that could hold secret things that no one would ever find. Creating a time capsule just seemed to be the right thing to do. If the mirror is ever removed again, and I can’t image why, inside is a good message of encouragement paid forward, newspaper headlines from today and a dollar bill.

Prep Work

Slight sanding for good paint adhesion. It doesn’t seem to be a stain bleeder based on a pre-paint test performed on one of the drawers. Taping drawers and drawer opening for a professional look plus some paint color identification for those of us (me) who has CRS. Some vaneer chipping is easily fixed with some wood filling putty and an excellent sanding. One small paper clay medallion installed center front but, girl I wanted to do much more!

Blending Botch

It was getting late in the evening, close to my wind down time and to bed. With a project in process and the excitement to see her makeover I decide to keep going. That decision usually gets me 50/50 good results. After the 3rd try at highlight blending on the drawers, this is the blotchy mess with which I ended the night. “Put the brush down” I convinced myself, rubbing my eyes. Wouldn’t you know, the next day the blending process went smooth and easy. Go figure.

This black stocking beauty is ready for her forever lady. See for yourself at Windy Hill Market, downtown Jackson next to Pedal and Tour. Check out For Sale to see if she is still available.

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