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Black “Folk Americana” Dresser

Found at an estate sale last summer, this dresser didn’t scream Black Folk Americana to me. In fact, it didn’t tell me anything. It sat on my porch for 6 months quietly and simply, waiting for its makeover time.

In the meantime, I’ve seen more black heavily distressed furniture emerge in shops and online. I liked the ones without detail and with rich looking wood. It spoke folk to me. Quaker, shaker, early American. I can do this!

Inspiration Piece

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My Process

My dresser was painted with my stand by Lamp Black paint from General Finishes. It goes on so smooth and covered in two coats. No priming for wood-stain bleed through since it’s black. It wouldn’t show if there was any. I didn’t use a paint brush but a 4″ roller. I wanted a smoother than smooth finish in the end – but choosing the right topcoat lead to some problems.

The finish was worth fighting for but I got it. Buttery smooth, matte sheen and as defect free as a black piece could ever be. It is also the most durable paint job known to man-kind since the under-finish is tung oil. That is a story in itself. Watch for a post VERY SOON on my personal battles with top coating black painted pieces.

For an up close personal inspection and a chance to buy it here.

Black Distressed Dresser
Americana Shaker Folksy style Black Dresser

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