Dressers and Vanities

“Mad Men” Black Silver Dresser

Part Art Deco, Mid Century Modern or, Steampunk, I love how this black silver dresser makeover fits any of those styles. It’s a masculine dresser among painted furniture for the bachelor man/boy room. I painted one for the guys!

I want it painted black

General finishes Lamp Black goes on so smooth especially using a roller. No brush marks. But, oh the struggle to make it flawless. Black is difficult for painting without defects because they show like a black eye. Any and every tiny piece of lint, I swear the came out of no where to land on this piece. It took 3 re-paints and clear coat cycles on the drawer faces to get it as perfect as possible.

Art Deco Detail

Silver metallic paint trim and I applied Rub-N-Buff Silver on the half circles for a cool highlight.

The drawers slide smooth as silk, quality craftsman build, and heavy.

Bottom Trunk

The last drawer is cavernous and provided a large surface for which to play with industrial brackets on the corners and trunk handles on the front.

Glass Knobs

Well, there is no such thing as a masculine set of glass knobs but I found these. Clear for the right amount of bling for the top 3 drawers.

Before Picture

Previously it was “The Wedding” Dresser, neutral crackle painted with gold trim. Oh, so 90’s. It was first painted 10 years ago from a dresser that was ragged and damaged. It’s had at least 2 lives, going on 3.

Painted Art Deco Dresser
Painted Art Deco Dresser

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