Dressers and Vanities, For Sale

Blended Colors Under Decoupage Tissue

The first Antique Coral Victorian Dresser was so fun to create I did it again. When any Victorian dresser comes my way again, she will likely get the same treatment: decoupage inside architectural frame of drawers, carnival stripes somewhere, cool chic hardware and embellished keyholes and knob back plates.

I regret that I didn’t get a Before picture. She was a hot mess! Veneer missing all over the drawers, some removed completely. There were many thoughts to just chuck her to the curb rather than take the enormous prep time needed to paint. Her spindle legs made her very hard to resist so I negotiated. If I do a little at time, in between other projects, maybe prep wouldn’t be so much a pain. That what I did and it wasn’t that bad after all!

Improved Decoupage Technique

The 2 drawers that butt together were painted together as one piece. Blending, white on the inside and coral on the outside, offers dimension under the floral tissue paper. This was a new way that I’ll adopt as a basic plan whenever I decoupage again. Nice, huh?


Used for this Make Over:

Almost all of my pieces start with cleaning and oil-based Primer before painting.

My Proprietary Chalk Paint Mix using Benjamin Moore Antique Coral

Zazzle Vintage Garden Botanical Decoupage Paper

Paper clay keyhole and back plates with ReDesign with Prima Molds

New hardware from, where else, Hobby Lobby!

High Performance General Finishes Topcoat Flat – the best applying product and most durable!

How to Buy

$325 located inside Timeless Treasures, 525 N. Cedar St., Mason MI, open 7-days 11am to 6pm