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Painted Furniture Blooper Recovery Updated

There are Waldo’s and then there are Bloopers. Every painted furniture makeover has Waldo’s. They are the small painting defects that the artist sees but hard to find for others. Bloopers, by definition, are obvious and glaring defects, fatal flaws, the kind that make you want to give up.

But, one can’t give up. 24 hours later the problem is still there. Trashing a perfectly usable piece of furniture is a worse thought, after all, painters are in the business of saving wrecks, not destroying them. So, what can be done to recover from devastating bloopers.

Overcome with Re-design

My worse bloopers involve glued on moldings that are inadvertently inverted. I will learn to demand always work with drawers and drawer fronts in the installed position! I’m anxious to get on with the joy of a makeover, I believe I’ll get it right without double checking.

Camouflage misplaced moldings with more moldings to make it look intentional. Funny thing is I like the “re-designed” piece much better than the original plan.

On the left is the blooper, on the right is the recovery.

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Applying it to Life

The encouragement below comforts me in ways more than furniture. The question is: Can I look at mistakes in life as re-designs not so much defects?

I don’t think it looks stupid. Your mistakes always come out looking glorious😉

Sue G via Text May 30, 2020


Honestly, as I am writing this post I do so wondering about the trivial nature of furniture painting compared to the horrid events happening now: corona virus pandemic, massive unemployment and, police brutality riots across my America all at the same time.

Dog walking through my beautiful park and painting furniture amid the chaos makes me grateful for my life, but also like a powerless spectator. Here I am fussing with paper clay while my country falls apart.

It is a comfort to believe none of this catches God by surprise. My mistakes, your mistakes and all the chaos in America and around the world doesn’t win. In the end, God wins. He is the one with the big plan.

4 thoughts on “Painted Furniture Blooper Recovery Updated

  1. Thanks for reading my blog, (I sometimes wonder anyone reads but I keep blogging anyway). I guess our job is finding ways to make the proverbial lemonade and I’m glad we are doing it together!

  2. Happened to run across this as I was cruising your website and just had to respond. You create beautiful things that bring joy and comfort to everyone who sees them. That’s a powerful antidote to the grief and trouble in the world, and your generosity in sharing your methods lifts my spirits. Thanks for doing this!

  3. Your comment means a lot to me. Thank you for them. Furniture painting is indeed my therapy and escape from troubles. You are insightful! Peach and love to you my friend

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