Tables and Night Stands

Folding Swivel Table Makeover

Sharon has great vision for re-styling her folding swivel game table with paint and an image transfer. It’s almost too good to paint . . . if it weren’t for the ugly leg breakage repair job.

It folds! It swivels!

Yikes, hinged surfaces – this ain’t gonna be easy! Watch to see why.

Sharon’s Style

When it’s hard to choose which transfer . . . pick both! Great out of the box thinking. The plan is to place the small HokusPokus transfer on the top surface as the table is folded. Then, as the table is unfolded the larger Prima image will appear on the table in full. Wow!

General Finishes Basil
Prima Marketing Image 24 x 30

HokusPokus transfer (top image) company has appeared on the scene competing with IOD and Prima Marketing. It isn’t competing on price though. This image is about $22 and only 15 x 11. Prima Marketing (bottom image) has many images to choose. This one is 24 x 30 and costs about $31.

HokusPokus transfer came with a nifty cotton glove for final pressing. That is a big wow for me. My experience with final pressing was miserable beforehand. The cotton glove makes a huge difference. Ease of adhesion to the surface during the transfer process was harder. Switched rubbing between right and left hands a lot as my thumb and fingers tired. If a HokusPokus image was one that I just had to use, I’d order from them but I’d first try for a Prima image.

Cool Brass Feet

Started to tape off the brass claw feet but first . . . let’s clean’em and brighten them up! These will really pop paired with the Basel paint color.

Painting Strategy

To prevent paint build-up on the two table surfaces that hinge together, I decided to disassemble the leaf to paint it separately.

As a rule of thumb, anything with legs is turned upside down to paint first then paint right side up.

I’ve used an oil-based primer just in case there is an area that might bleed through. Primer is also used to ensure great adhesion over furniture wax.

Paint Bloopers

The Table with Surprise Inside

Bloopers fixed and everything sealed using General Finishes High Performance Topcoat Flat sheen. She folds, she swivels and she has a surprise inside.

Um . . . BTW, What is Bunco?

Ever played Bunco before? My interest in piqued. Sharon D. plans to play in style. Sounds like fun! Winning Moves Games Box of Bunco Game: Toys & Games
3 dice cups with special bonuses, 3 sets of hot looking dice and the bell give you everything you need to host a wild night of Bunco in style!.

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