Repurposed flea market finds

Cool Stool

This size stool perfect for playing guitar, giving presentations, work bench, behind a retail counter or mobile guest seating in a super small apartment.

I spent money on nothing more than the legs.  Everything else I had in inventory.  The burlap coffee bean bag came from a trip to “Flower Days” in Detroit a couple years ago.  A vendor sold them for $1 a bag.  I had no need of it but bought it for a cool future project – it was inexpensive and easy to store indefinitely.    Matching the stool with the stored burlap bag made the angels in my studio {aka basement} sing.

A thrifty neighbor snagged a discarded ottoman and gave it to me.  As an ottoman it was useless but disassembled it became most valuable. I got a set of legs (for a future project) and foam cushioning free!  Foam cushioning is madly expensive these days.

Now that I have my own space to sell things, I cave in at Thrift Stores, junk shops, and roadsides more often.  Yay for me!  Previously, when I was drawn to buy a piece, I said No to myself 90% of the time.  The usual reason was, “there is no place for it, what would I do with, [after makeover]?”  Not anymore! My solution is my space at the Antique Mercantile.  Small projects like this one excite me and I now say Yes.  A lonely, neglected, cast away stool is a perfect go ahead and buy, up-cycle and place it in my booth.  Hopefully someone else sees the cool in this stool.

What is so exciting about up-cycling?  If you are an animal lover, you understand it when you see a lost, homeless kitten.  You can’t leave it there to die or be miserable!  Ghastly, that action would cause a sleepless night worrying about said kitten, (ahem my sister).  Tossed out junk creates a similar reaction in me plus its inspiring.  Is is safe for me to reason that I must be a normal addiction or else there wouldn’t be so many YouTube videos and TV shows on the subject?

A word to co-dependants reading my blog:  rescuing furniture is far easier, more successful and rewarding than rescuing boyfriends or husbands.  Furniture doesn’t talk back, resist much, and is made lovable again.  Every one of my finished projects says Thanks to me and is happy for my intervention.


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