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DIY Alternative to Pricey Knobs

Create your own custom chic knobs for cabinets or furniture on a dime! or, what to do when a trip to Hobby Lobby isn’t possible.

I have 2 problems maintaing an inventory of cool knobs and hardware. (I don’t count the half hour drive to Hobby Lobby a problem especially during this pandemic). For one, my inventory doesn’t contain any knob that goes with the piece and two, when I do, I have too few. This dresser needed 10 knobs. I had a nice cast iron design in inventory but only 6 on-hand. OK 3, they can be expensive. Argh!

This technique is not only very budget friendly but it gives many design options. Making custom knobs requires wood knobs, paper clay, moulds and, glue.

Wood Knobs

Wood knobs should be very inexpensive EXCEPT at big box stores, talk about price gouging! Buy them on Amazon. There you will find a plethora of sizes, styles and prices. I bought these 10 pieces for $7.00, plus they have robust metal female threads.

Paper Clay Moulds

Check out re-Design with Prima silicone mould designs. There are several pallets of medallion styles to choose from for knobs. I own and need only one pallet – this one pictured. It has all the options I need. In Jackson, MI a small line of moulds are located by KellaChic Supply Shop inside Windy Hill downtown. They run about $22. If you are looking to spend less, a mould used for cake decorating fondant works perfectly.

Paper Clay

I use the less expensive paper clay product found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon for about $10. One brick goes a long way. It is soft and pliable. Speaking of which, while it is pliable after de-moulding, glue it onto the wood knob pressing the edges down firmly avoiding gaps.

Paint, Decorate, Seal

Wait until the paper clay is at least half dry or totally hardened to paint. For my project, I used a paint color slightly deeper than the dresser color to provide a smidge of depth. Then, I dry brushed over with a light color over the moulding so that it pops. When finished, seal your creation with topcoat.

So many many way to express your own style!

Check out the finished dresser here. The base color is French Linen with nearly full covering of a re-Design with Prima Transfer also available in the KellaChic Supply Shop.

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