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Faux Bamboo Persian Blue Chest of Drawers

I took this piece for the faux bamboo architecture and figured it would make a nice addition to someone’s lake house. I knew it would be a challenge because it is previously painted. Why would that matter? Well . . . it is likely to have paint build up that make the drawers stick and most people use household latex paint, (like I did at first).

This piece did not disappoint. The drawers were sticky so when I sanded the edges to create clearance, the latex paint rolled and got gooey. Also, latex prevented me from installing different hardware. I would have changed out the handles into wood knobs by plugging the holes and drilling new ones. Since latex can’t be sanded, plugging the existing holes was not an option. Darn.

With a coat of General Finishes Persian Blue (like Seaglass) she now has something to smile about. Fresh!

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Dimensions and Price

Estimate: 30″ tall x 19″ deep and 30″ wide

SOLD ! $240 conveniently located inside Windy Hill Market downtown Jackson, 217 N. Jackson St next to Pedal & Tour