Dressers and Vanities

Fruit wood, Too Nice to Paint?

I can not, in good conscience, paint over perfect wood. If it’s hacked up with scratches, water marks, or nicks, I’ll paint it. The body of this super nice dresser is really pretty fruit wood. I can’t find any defects. I don’t want to paint it, but the top is terrible. The manufacturer put formica or something on it. That’s just weird and ugly!

This piece was speaking loud and clear, minimal paint please. The plan, therefore, is to paint the frame and top using GF Lamp Black milk paint. The wood drawers will not be touched.

Inspiration Piece


The Best Painters Tape on the Planet

Image result for frog tape

I’ve never gotten bleed through with this stuff. It’s a dream! Using the blue tape is in the past. You can find frog tape everywhere, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.

What To Do With the Formica Top?

The challenge on Formica is paint adhesion on this high gloss, almost glass like top. Roughing it up with 100 grit sand paper should help, but since it is a high use surface, I want to be more than confident the paint sticks and stays stuck. I’m also using a super bonding primer.

Stay tuned . . . a store run is necessary to get the bonding primer! ACE is a mile and a half away. It makes a great walk with my pal, Doodle Dash.

I’m baaack. I picked up Stix (ha). It is supposed to super bond to tile. It should work. Yeah, Formica doesn’t really sand but I did the best I could to rough up the surface a titch.

Mix Primer with a Little Paint

The primer is stark bright white. To make the black paint cover a little better, I took some YouTube advice and mixed some paint into the primer. About 4:1 ratio should do it, (4 tablespoons primer to 1 tablespoon paint). Mixing a higher concentration of paint to primer might disturb the bonding property I need. There is just enough brightness out of the white to give the black paint a chance to cover.

It’s a Half Wood and Half Paint Crowd Pleaser

There is much to love about this one. It’s got the earthy feel of real wood and chic black update, the best of both worlds!. It’s small, perfect for apartment dwellers or in a small room. It works as a buffet too!

Visit the For Sale page for availability.

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