Cabinets and Buffets

Furniture Re-Designed By Obstacle

How a furniture makeover is dictated by defects and boo-boo’s.

I did not see the horrible door cracks when I bought this piece. Before it was painted, the cracks blended in. It was when I took paint brush to surface that I noticed them. Maybe I need to wear by glasses. Even when I took this picture, the cracks went unnoticed!

The Original Plan

Elaborate design ideas came to mind and dismissed in an effort to keep it simple. The first idea involved decoupage the panels with cool Zazzle tissue I have on hand. Naw, that would look stupid. I settled on a nice sage-gray (a new modern neutral that I love) with highlight blends in panel centers. Maybe the old hardware disappears in favor of upscale shabby chic ones. I’ll wait to make the decision later. That was it.

The Obstacle

Taking paint and brush to doors, these horrible cracks finally came into view. At first I was not alarmed thinking the paint would fill them and the cracks would magically disappear. This is usually and customary thinking by me about most problems. They did not.

Forced Creativity

For a fleeting moment this piece was headed for disposition as un-salvageable. Well, not on my watch. Unless it’s absolutely broken and can’t function it will get a new life. Um, maybe the decoupage idea is the solution to this problem. This piece is forcing me to it. It is not the first time a piece in recovery forced it’s own makeover.

Re-designed by Obstacle

The tissue is from Roycycled at Zazzle purchased earlier this fall to have on hand. Tissue takes about 3 weeks or longer to arrive so I order it ahead choosing styles that I think I’ll use. This looks way better than I imagined. Thank you Roycycled! (I should have turned my super lights on to take these pictures).

Grateful for Obstacles and Problems

Not during the problem but when I see light at the end of the tunnel am I considering any gratitude. This joy came quickly. A particular trial I’m still working for some gratitude 5 years later. It may not come fully but in God I trust. James 1:

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces [a]patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Go to the For Sale page to see if it’s available.

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