Cabinets and Buffets

How I Select Paint Color for Furniture.

When you look at the before picture, can you see the great bones this piece has? I did not! I almost didn’t buy it. I hesitated and delayed this makeover because I had no clue for a plan. Then I cleaned it. Dang. Under the dirt there are hidden color details. Nowadays these colors don’t work, I bet at the time she was super cool.

So How Does One Pick Paint Color?

One of my must-do makeover dreams is painting a piece sage green. It’s my favorite all time color and I have yet to use it. I visualized this buffet in a modern sage, like the greens cropping up in trending home decor magazines. A day or two goes by and sadly I’m not feeling this piece in sage. It’s too masculine to be green, said Kermit. Darn it.

Second thought, go neutral like gray or beige so that it could go in any dining room in Jackson. It only took half a day visualizing before that idea was flushed. Look at these bones, bold details and lots of it here. Neutral doesn’t seem to do it justice. Then what?!

Third, go for drama with Navy blue. Time goes by again but I know I’m on the right track. Hours of staring at this piece, it hit me. One of my favorite colors that I reserve for accent pieces would work very well here.

So, that is how I select colors: visualize, take time and, recognize when it works, more importantly when it doesn’t. The color should complement the bones , details and architecture of the piece. It should work for its function. I feel bedroom furniture can be more colorful then living area pieces – that’s just me. A little luck, a little guess work and a lot of time visualizing goes into each color decision. Or just paint it white.

3 Furniture Factors

Function and Size

Broadly there are more color choices for bedroom furniture than I would allow for pieces in dining rooms or living rooms. Bedrooms are more personal and expressions of personality. Accent pieces, which are not primary for the room, tend to accept bolder colors as well. Large furniture like armoires and sideboards seem to invite neutrals so they are not overwhelming to the room.


of the piece is helpful when choosing color. Pieces that are little to no detail I go for sleek looks using black and gray. If possible to include natural wood color in the legs or top is a bonus. Antiques with lots of small details are great for decorating using more colors and techniques such as distressing, dry brushing, blending, etc.


change slowly and are sometimes are to recognize. The latest color trends may not sell where you live – yet. Is the town you are selling in young, hip, trendy, modern or is it older country kind of slow? Those are things to keep in mind when choosing color.

Meet Ms. Hamilton Blue

Even the color name matches her style!

About Me

  • Solid wood antique mini-buffet
  • 3 lined drawers
  • Drawers function smoothly but sometimes can drag a little.
  • Chalk painted Hamilton Blue, center blended highlight
  • Silver shimmer on scroll edges
  • New shabby chic black knobs
  • Several applications GF HP Flat topcoat

Location and Dims

SOLD $350 inside Windy Hill Market, 217 N. Jackson Street, Downtown Jackson.

Approximate Dims: 46″ wide x 20 deep