Cabinets and Buffets, Tables and Night Stands

How to Create Beautiful Small Space Storage

At the end of the hallway, at an entry or foyer area, as end tables, nightstands, and at the upstairs landing are underutilized spaces for secondary storage a decorating. When choosing furniture for small spaces, just pick pieces that work harder and look smarter like these:

Enormous Style

These all-purpose pieces have style not found in any big box store. Locally-owned home decor consignment (not thrift) shops are honey holes for finding AFFORDABLE unique, chic and stylish pieces. Vintage antique furniture supply hard to find character and the painting provides up to date styling. Each of these were unwanted, dark wood, and beat up then transformed into secondary storage with a bright future.

Light Colors

Small spaces take very kindly to light colors. Choose white and light colors to make small spaces appear bigger.

Alternate Uses

According to Better Homes and Gardens, just because a furniture item is considered a dining room piece doesn’t mean it can’t perform and look nice in other rooms of your home. A small dresser, antique washstand or cabinet should be considered for a plethora of alternate uses such as a nightstand, liquor cabinet, coffee bar, mini buffet, end tables and entryway mail catcher.

Secondary Storage

I love having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Dedicated secondary storage helps. It decreases clutter and disorganization. My buffet at home has a dog treat drawer, a drawer dedicated for placing greeting cards I’ve received, and board games. These are things I want easy access to. Small space furniture can help with that and coffee, liquor, craft supplies, office supplies, and even things like paint brushes. Everybody needs a handy tool junk drawer!

About These

Find them affordably priced inside Windy Hill Market, 217 N. Jackson Street, Downtown Jackson.