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I Hear Furniture Voices – Am I Going Nuts?

At first glance this piece really did say to me, “make me white”. You’re cool, I say. Why are you here? What’s wrong with you I ask it. I won’t paint you unless you’re otherwise toast. Oh, you have a burn mark or whatever it is on top. Can I fix you? At this half-off price, I am thinking I can. Great! You’re mine! Thank you Habitat for Humanity Greater Jackson, MI for being my favorite and best resource for furniture rescues!

I found the matching nightstand on a second trip to Habitat a few days later.

I Paid A Price for Not Listening

Well, there is another way to rehab you, I decide. The top is sanded to remove the blemish. Hmm. I’d like to save some time and energy here. I devise a new plan. I’ll paint the top black and stain the rest of it using General Finishes Gel Stain Black. Now I won’t need to prime this whole thing. So I did and it looked amazing. Ha! I’m proud. So proud that I decide to be a good girl and apply a coat or two of HP Top Coat just to be sure it’s a durable long lasting finish.

What happened next looks like a crime scene! Whatever lay underneath illuminated like a Polaroid or blood after Luminol spray. “I told you to paint me white!”. Fine. I should have listened.

I Hear and I Obey

Painting a piece white is not as easy as it might seem. I’ve learned a thing or two in the meantime. This I know to be true: prime it, prime it real good. I made sure to use the best product for tannin bleed through on the market, no fooling around. Two coats primer, (as directed) and three coats home-made chalk paint, as I was first told, produced a simple clean style. It’s happy, I’m happy.

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