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Isolation Project: Beautiful DURABLE White Cupboards

New GF product! Brushable, Water-Based, White Enamel in NEW FLAT sheen – contactless delivery or pick up available. Combined with Stain Blocker, also water-based, you have the two best products for painted cabinets and cupboards.

Shelter-In-Place is the perfect time for this project – the one that’s been on your list for years, right.

Get kitchen make-over for under $100.

But will it last? Is it good?

Yes, it’s enamel, water-based for easy clean up! It is the most hardworking paint that is made to take the rough treatment from heavy use in the kitchen.

General Finishes has several YouTube video’s for achieving the clean, solid white finish.

Basic Power Prep

You can do this! Materials you need are probably already on-hand.

  • 3M scrub pad
  • Household Cleaner – Krud Kutter works best
  • Rinse and wipe-off clean rags
  • Sanding sponge surfaces for best results.

Prime and Paint Tips

  1. Use a new GOOD flat (not oval) brush. If you can get 2, one for the primer and one for the enamel, you’ll get better results. A Wooster or Purdy synthetic brush are easy to find at local hardware stores but, my KellaChic Supply Shop has a line of brushes specially made for this kind of work. Consider the synthetic shorty 2″ angled brush. There are plenty in stock now.
Angled Shorty

2. Remove doors and hinges in small groups (soak hinges in a weak solution of vinegar water to clean). I painted in groups of 4-5 at a time. That way your kitchen isn’t totally destroyed.

3. Prep, prime and paint the cupboard and cabinet bases (according to instructions on the can) .

4. Prep prime, and paint doors starting at the inside panel and ending with the outside frame.

No Top Coat Needed – No Yellowing

Yeah, you heard right. General Finishes does not recommend a final top coat. The enamel is hard enough to withstand the knocks without it plus there is no chance of yellowing in the future.

Finishing Touch

New knobs will rock your makeover. Menards has some cool ones at reasonable prices.

Hickory Hardware® Charleston Blacksmith Collection Black Iron Cabinet Knob

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