Dressers and Vanities, For Sale

Little Black Dresser – Raised Stencil Lesson

These solid wood sturdy dressers from the 60’s are the best for an updated makeover and especially this one with it’s unique drawer configuration.

Raised Stencil Technique Lesson Learned

I thought the stencil design across the top 4 drawers was the perfect solution for adding a trendy design. Ideally, the plan should have worked perfectly, except if it weren’t for having chosen black paint. What I learned — raised stencil works much better against lighter paint colors. Paper clay details are much more showy when using dark paint colors.

The problem? Stencil appearance is a factor of lighting. Sometimes the design is visible, sometimes it’s not. It’s a cool feature none the less.

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SOLD! $220 located at Timeless Treasures of Mason; 525 N. Cedar Street, Mason MI Open 7-days 11am to 6pm