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My Paper Clay Blooper

Using paper clay applique’s are very exciting when styling painted furniture. My FPBF (furniture painting best friend) Sue introduced me to them. Her furniture always turns out great. It is now an important a style aid for me in and one of my favorites!

I like them so much, I’ve submitted an application to become a re-seller of Prima – Iron Orchid Design molds and clay in 2020.

How to Make Paper Clay Applique’s

Watch this excellent video to see how easy and fun it is to make them. While we wait for my re-seller status . . . for us in Jackson, MI, Amazon is about the only option for buying the molds. Clay is found there as well and also at Hobby Lobby.

What I Did Wrong

Apparently — as paper clay dries it hardens and shrinks just a bit. But because I had super-glued them on while still wet, the clay could not tighten up from the edges as it normally would, so they had no choice but to crack in the middle.

My previous my good results came from WAITING until they were at least half or fully dry before gluing. Lesson learned!

These images were shocking to see, then to realize there is no way to take them off is horrifying! Luckily the knob I had in mind covers the visual defects good enough – whew.

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