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Organic Basil Sage Antique Dresser

I love 4-legged creatures: antique dressers and my golden-doodle. These beautiful 4 legged dressers, I call sexy-legs, are getting harder to find. I’m very grateful when I do and careful, as such, choosing a respectful makeover design. Sometimes what I want and the piece speaks are 2 different things. Both of us agreed, however, the rare birdseye maple top drawer fronts had to stay as is!

Planning Her Makeover

So, I wanted to decoupage a gorgeious floral design on the open front face. I struggled with how to create a border and a color choice. Nothing in my inventory arsenal seemed to work on this piece. A few days of unsatisfactory design planing I finally gave up. If she wants to be simple then I’ll let her be simple, but I get to finally use my favorite color. It’s a color I’ve never used on furniture before but it’s all over my house: sage green.

General Finishes produces the best sage green, (IMHO) milk paint called Basil. It’s not got too strong yellow undertone and not any blue undertone. It’s just right for a natural organic feel as are real wood knobs and legs. But not to let this piece go free without some kind of embellishment, paper clay details were added to dress up the drawer fronts just a little. Respectful knob back plates and fake keyhole details give her just enough to be classy.

Price and Location

  • 3 full size non-sticky drawers, 2 small birdseye Maple top drawers
  • 8 new wood knobs to match exposed wood front legs on original wheels
  • Painted General Finishes durable Milk Paint Basil
  • Several applications General Finishes High Performance Top Coat Flat
  • Paper clay knob back plates and fake keyhole embellishments

$325 inside Timeless Treasures, click here for address and map.