Dressers and Vanities, Tables and Night Stands

Pair Together Totally Different Pieces

Though the pieces are entirely different architecturally, they become a coordinated pair by using same paint color and adding matching knobs, highlights and paper clay details. Poof! Junky uncoordinated pieces produce go-together style that make you a decorating star!

Timeless Styling

Any piece painted using french linen color becomes a timeless classic that fits in to any room decor. Add a bit more refinement, such as gold feet and glass knobs, this darling nightstand dresser goes into a galaxy of long lasting style.

IMG_4509 (1)

Add Flora Paper Clay Details

An old cabinet from the 70’s is now an elegant masterpiece. It’s styled the same as the dresser nightstand: glass knobs, french linen paint with gold highlights and feet. It was a dumpy little piece, now it can be a new favorite piece that creates a cozy indoor space.

IMG_4512 (1)

How To Buy – As a Pair or Individually

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