Repurposed flea market finds

Repurposed Table Legs

Lovely Plant Stand

Table legs and a metal tray, two useless junk pieces, into something unique and functional is a hoarders dream.  I’m not exactly a hoarder but I often purchase useless objects for no reason other than they look cool.  I don’t collect a lot, just a few things at a time and dream about how to make something useful.

I found the table legs at a thrift store without a table on top.  The detail is awesome.  Painting them enhanced them drastically.  “Nice legs!” said Tina Turner.

They sat in the basement for a year while I tried to find something for the top.  A vintage suitcase, an orphaned wood top, an old wooden box were all options.  Keeping my eyes open, I found nothing.  Then, I had a eureka moment and made a mad dash to the thrift store again, this time on the prowl for a metal kitchen tray of some kind.  I found it on the first trip!  Perfectly sized for use as a plant stand.

The best part about re-purposing items is mixing the material.  Wood and metal combination is trendy in shabby chic, farmhouse home decor. 

I drilled 3 holes in the metal tray so the screw heads would sit flush with the surface then screwed the tray into the legs.  

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