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Repurpose a Lamp into a Planter

I started out to do one of those chandelier repurposes I’ve seen on Pinterest.  Maybe you’ve seen them.  A very clever woman turned a scrap chandelier into a hanging garden planter.  Check this one out from DIY Show Off.  It morphed into a lamp repurpose.  

I needed a reason to visit the local thrift store!  I wanted to give this project a try.  There are 5 resale shops in town.  I didn’t find any old chandelier with the lamps turned up like this one or one that was less than $20.  The ones available all pointed down or too expensive for a repurpose project.

I bought 2 table lamps instead.  I figured I could adapt the idea to repurpose a plethora of lamps available for less than $10.  Actually, I kind of like it better.  A table lamp planter is versatile.  I can put it on a table in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, patio or even outside in the garden.

Table lamp planter

How to Repurpose a Lamp into a Flower Planter

I wish I had take pictures of the process.  I’ll try to add some with the next lamp repurpose project.  Here are the steps to take below.  You’ll need a pot, Liquid Nails construction adhesive (or similar), and maybe Great Stuff Foam in a can depending on the lamp base used.

  1.  Disassemble the lamp.  Remove the bulb, socket and wire from the base.
  2. Paint the lamp as desired or not.  
  3. If there is a socket cup like the one above follow the next step.  If not skip it and go to step 5.
  4. Fill the socket cup it with Great Stuff Foam – only half way.  Let the foam expand and harden.  I left the project and came back to it the next day. Cut the excess foam with a sharp knife even or flush with the socket cup.
  5. It might be easier for the next step to pre-plant the pot.  
  6. Attach the pot to the base by placing a generous amount of construction adhesive.  Let it cure over night.  

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