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Repurposed Upcycled Gun Cabinet

My first gun cabinet makeover. I’m sleeplessly excited to repurpose it into a mini glassware china cabinet. It’s being transformed with removable shelves so it retains its original job of holding hunting rifles.

This was found at Salvation Army in Brighton on an adventure trip to score furniture. It is wood furniture at a good price so I bought it, of course. I saw the opportunity to functionally repurpose it by adding shelves in the cavity on Pintrest. I went about the business of priming without a clue how to style it. Then I saw this . . .

Inspiration Piece

First thought . . . no way can I do this! But now I see the back area as a large piece of real estate that could hold design. Transfer, stencil, decoupage are unattractive options because of the hard to reach space even laying the piece down flat. So, what shall I do with this huge piece of furniture real estate? Wallpaper! Yes, cut to size it could be easy to install plus the options are endless. So I bought 3 different paper style options on Amazon today.

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Yeah, baby. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

So, How Does Removable Wallpaper Work on Furniture?

Using wallpaper on furniture is tremendously effective for large backs like this cabinet. I can’t wait to use it on a china cabinet! Removeable paper installs using a peel and stick process. No glue, paste, or wetting needed. Lining it up wasn’t hard since I could lift and adjust as many times it took to get it perfect. I used a wide plastic putty knife to get the air bubbles out. It could be used on drawer fronts for sure depending on the color and pattern.

Upcycled Gun Cabinet: One Piece Double Function

See the side rails on the inside? Those are installed to set removeable wood shelves inside. I’m in love with repurposing Gun Cabinets into Mini-China or Glassware Cabinet and it’s not permanent. Still want to use it as an Upcycled Gun Cabinet? Remove the shelves!

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Dimensions and Price

65″ tall x 14″ deep and 25″ wide ~ great for small spaces

Sold and settled in it’s new home! Perfect!