Dressers and Vanities

How I Fought Veneer and Won!

Look at this dramatic makeover of a forlorn long forgotten antique upscale vanity. Her original wood details, spline spindle legs and high end hardware make her worth every effort . . . . including removing veneer and patching the top, ugh!

Every Failure Happened Trying to Restore the Top

Don’t understand why she had to fight me so hard but dang she’s a tough broad! I started as I usually do, assessing the potential for an unpainted top. I love those designs. When the wood is in good shape and it can be restored by removing the old varnish, I go for it. A few stubborn stains remained in my work so I tackled them with pools of Denatured Alcohol. A bit too much apparently. The veneer started to bubble up! Only one thing to do now. Remove the veneer. I wasn’t counting on doing all this work when I bought her. I think I may have called her a bad name at this point. A day or two later, I used the hot iron wet towel method and took off the veneer. Oops ruined the iron but that pales in comparison to what happened next.

Never have I ever seen base wood bubble and buckle but it looked like another layer of veneer that hates me. This old wood is reacting to the slightest bit of moisture, even that from a 30 second wet towel steam. I know, not think, no I definitely swore at this vanity. The good news is that it’s on the back edge and limited to only this one spot. Check it out . . .

The fix is easy enough just more time. Furniture repair and prep is not my favorite. I cut out the bubbled stuff using a box cutter then filled and sanded. When you see the finished vanity, you would never know about this fight of wills. I won!

Back to the Everyday Prep

This poor thing was stuck up in an old house neglected for decades. A good, and much more peaceful step, cleaning before prime came next and soaking the hardware in vinegar water.


Look At Me Now!

  • Super chic, super durable Seagull Gray Milk paint by General Finishes is a near white rich gray
  • Several applications best in the business General Finishes High Performance Topcoat Flat sheen.
  • Natural sexy wood legs
  • Original hardware
  • White dry brush highlights on wood detail
  • Magnolia Re-deisgn with Prima Transfers on front, top left and right corners and, upper corner sides.
  • Lined Drawers
  • Matching chair with fluffy thick white seat


SOLD! $350 for vanity and matching chair, worth every penny.