Repurposed flea market finds

Seed Sack Chairs


Authentic seed sacks are around but getting harder to find.  I had the pleasure of attending a homestead estate sale in Grass Lake just as winter was setting in.  Estate sales do more for me than provide a shopping experience.  Like this one, the pleasure was all mine browsing several out buildings that were once buzzing with activity.  This estate had several buildings for farm animals and a huge barn, underground root cellar, and the mechanics to live off the grid.  This estate contained fascinating treasures that were saved from the generations.  Nothing was tossed that could be used for something else, including stacks of seed sacks.  By the time I arrived there were few good ones left.   I purchased two or three.

The chairs were purchased from Habitat Restore and painted this light oatmeal color.  I added extra padding for the behind!  After painting the chairs they were distressed on the edges and areas that would scrap naturally.  I really dig the carved backs.  Distressing the detail helped to enhance it greatly.  Wax is applied to provide protection and a flat luster.

Together the seed sacks and chair style make for genuine shabby chic and farmhouse decor.


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