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Sharon’s Custom Design – Part 2

This post is a photo essay of the steps involved in a furniture paint project. This project is custom work for a wonderful lady, Sharon from Brooklyn, MI. It is posted so Sharon gets an almost real time peek at her piece getting its makeover. It shows the getting ugly before getting the beauty. See some behind-the-scenes dirty little details to produce a quality makeover. Check out the Part 1 – Sharon’s Design Plan and see the Before photo.

Disassemble and Prep

I say a little prayer, just a short thought that this piece works with me and not against me and that it is happy to get a makeover. Amen. Then I strip it of it’s hardware and disassemble it!

What Primer Am I Using?

Here is my thought process for choosing to prime and the type. Today I’m using an oil-based primer that I have on-hand.

I’m not fond of this view but it’s super exiting to anticipate getting the first coat of paint on. After a light sanding to get the nibbens and nubbens off after priming (and after each coat of paint and topcoat) she is ready for the first coat of paint – General Finishes Milk Paint Reverent Gray.

Tips for Improving Drawer Glide

Drawers that rub on the bottom when closed can ruin a great paint job. I try to minimize the extra thickness of paint and primer in these areas but sometimes the problem doesn’t dhow up until the painting and top coat is done. Ugh!

Check out Sharon’s Design Plan – Part 1 for an peek into her design vision. Sharon’s Design Part 3 – Final Reveal.

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