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Sharon’s Custom Design – Part 1

Sharon wants a makeover for her dresser and has many choices. This post chronicles the makeover in 3 parts. Part 1 and 2 are planning and process phases. Part 3 is the big reveal. In a custom design, the client has artistic freedom (guidance available) to choose the design to makeover their own pieces. I’m just the goofball behind the brush.

Take a look at the 4 advantages of considering a custom makeover.

  • What paint color does she choose?
  • Does she go for distressed, glazed, or farmhouse?
  • Are we adding faux wood (paper clay) details?
  • Do we apply transfer and which one?

Original Piece – Before

Inspiration Pieces

In-Stock Choices

Sharon knows she wants it painted with a transfer. It’s a very nice plan for this piece. These are the Re-Design with Prima transfer choices in-stock (KellaChic Supply Shop) now – click the image to make larger:

Next, she pairs it with a General Finishes Milk Paint color. Checkout the GF Design Center to see these colors on real pieces for a great perspective.

Sharon’s Design Plan

The transfer for this piece is going to be FLEUR. It a perfect choice because the design is horizontal rectangle fitting nicely on the drawers and it is a very close match to the inspiration piece. Sharon chose REVERENT GRAY paint color, a rich neutral color, a cross between gray and taupe.

No paper clay embellishments needed here. Sometimes less is more! Sharon’s dresser as natural detail in the handles and keyholes. They will be painted to soften the brightness of them and distressed shabby chic style to highlight the details.

4 Advantages of Custom Furniture Painting

  1. Eliminates searching endlessly for the one needle-in-a-haystack piece that matches your vision.
  2. Fits a mission to Restore and ReUse and eliminates the step to dispose of an old piece.
  3. You, the client, get to choose exactly what you want for your room.
  4. The cost is less than buying in a shop.

Let’s do this! Check out Part 2 – Step by Step Process

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