Dressers and Vanities

The New "Griege"

A new color dubbed ‘griege’ has cropped up. It’s neither gray nor beige but a combination of both. It’s a color that changes the way it looks depending on the room it’s in, wall color and lighting. Sometimes the easiest thing to do for a whole room makeover is to change out the light bulb – ha!

TheGreige 5 drawer dresser

I’m still working to improve my shading and blending skills. This is better but there’s more I can do. Next time . . . I’ll use a dark shade of the base paint to use for blending instead of straight up black glaze. I’m looking for a more subtle gradient, so starting with less contrast might be helpful.

Designing the hardware took some thought but in the end I opted for monochrome – paint them with the same color as the dresser. I like them better that way. Monochrome added a bit of sophisticated glamour to the dresser, kind of hiding that they are on the “flower-power” side of the style spectrum.

Choosing knobs is a lot like trying on shoes to go with an outfit. Try on, take off. Try a different pair and repeat. Keeping a knob inventory is helpful. I have an inventory of quality knobs on-hand to try on . . . and take off. These glass ones surprised me. They fit the perfectly!

Go to my FOR SALE page to see if “The New Griege” is still available and where!

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