Dressers and Vanities

Two-Color Painted Dresser

The two-color painted furniture style is a simple solution for the modern dresser pick-me-up. It seems to look best on pieces with mostly linear architecture. I wouldn’t use a two-color style on an antique frilly piece having lots of details and curves. It wouldn’t fit right, I don’t think. But this piece, with the toothy strip just under the top and open canvas is perfect.

Before Makeover

Many thanks to those brave designers that dare to to experiment and share their inspiration like Do Dodson Designs and Salvaged Inspirations. Both have an eye for designing with a touch of flare but not overwhelmingly elaborate.

Inspiration from Do Dodson Designs

KellaChic Version


The stencil on the top drawers fit perfectly in both style and size! Funny, it’s the first time I used it since buying it at a thrift store years ago! Love it with that happens.

Here’s What I Used


Clean with LA Totally Awesome Cleaner from ACE Hardware to cut through grease and wax then prime using Kilz Oil Based Primer. It’s odor is strong for when in use and about an hour while drying, it’s the best least expensive one coat tannin blocker you can buy, also from ACE Hardware. 20 old bat wing hardware holes were filled in the production of this make-over!


Chalk Paint KellaChic Proprietary Recipe using (only) Sherwin Williams base paint in Pussywillow gray and Natural Choice white. Pairing these colors produced a warm yummy ambience fit for any color bedroom or as a dining room buffet really. Frog Tape produces the best paint lines, placed between the top lingerie drawers and the bottom clothing drawers. New cast iron white distressed knob hardware from good ol’ Hobby Lobby to fit exactly the same 1 1/2″ diameter of the stencil design.


General Finishes High Performance Top Coat Flat Sheen is my go to brand for the best, not only for it’s durability but for the way it goes on. I use the sponge on method.

How to Buy

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