Repurposed flea market finds

Upcycle An Old Clock

My new obsession is finding and painting ugly old clocks.  They are found at garage sales, flea markets and, thrift stores still somewhat cheap.  Since chalk painting has taken off, the thrift store market for used dressers has sky rocketed.

Old clocks are my undiscovered gem of an inexpensive and pleasant upcycle project.

The clock featured in this post was found at Resale Depot charity thrift store in Jackson, MI.  This store is a little pricey in my opinion but $15 was fair.  Originally it was $30, too high for me to paint and resell.  I had to wait 6 weeks for it to be marked down and it was worth the wait! 

It was dark metal, still attractive as a rustic piece, if it weren’t for the mirrored background behind the metal design.  It had a very 80’s vibe but good bones.  Behind the mirror was very cool barn wood like backing. The upcycle plan was formalized that instant to flip the mirrors and reveal the wood.

I used regular white chalk paint directly on the metal without primer, then top coated with flat poly urethane.  The barn wood was dry brushed white and re-installed around the clock.

The outcome of the project is incentive to do more, so kept my eyes peeled for another while making my rounds for dressers to paint.  I found a second clock at Kiwanis Thrift store in Ann Arbor, MI.  It’s a cute clock featuring cubby space with hooks.  I saw it white and distressed.  So that’s what I did. 

Wood wall clock painted and distressed.

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