Dressers and Vanities

Updated MCM Side by Side

These old and cheap maple bedroom pieces are becoming a fast favorite for updating. They are plain flat and plain, lighter weight than antique furniture and have the flange drawer design. I see them now as a blank canvas to do with as I wish.

At first sight I saw it black with cup handles and added metal legs. The option to leave the top natural was open so I took it. So that’s what I did and I love it’s chic modern look totally on trend for today.

Side by side 6 drawer dresser painted black

Materials and Process List

Scuff sanded all surfaces and between paint coats.

Added metal legs purchased from Amazon.

Applied General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint 3 coats.

Applied General Finishes High Performance Top Coat Flat Sheen 2 coats

Found new black distressed oil rubbed cup handles on Amazon with same hole pattern. No hole filling! Yay!

Had these wrought iron chic knobs in my inventory purchased from Amazon Benton Iron spray painted them black satin.

Where to Buy

SOLD! $275 inside Timeless Treasures, Mason MI booth 12.

Dimensions: 48 wide x 34 tall x 18 deep

Proper Care and Cleaning of Painted Furniture.