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My Experience Using VIN Redesign Décor Transfer®

Ya gotta see a transfer image on actual furniture to get the much needed “I Can Do It” courage.

About the VIN Transfer

The image transfer VIN (Wine) comes in 4 Sections each one is about 9″ wide, perfect for a drawers. The sections are:

1. Un REPAS SANS (translates A Meal Without)

2. VIN EST Village Scene, (Wine Is)

3. Vineyard COMME UNE JOURNEE SANS, (Is Like A Day Without) and,

4. SOLEIL, (Sunshine).

Beware to Center Sections Correctly

Yikes, I almost screwed up centering the sections on each drawer so they lined up properly. My mistake was measuring the section length from edge to edge then dividing in half to find center. Nope, it didn’t work that way. One would think the image would be centered on the backing but it isn’t! My center mark on the image was off but it yet was spot in the middle of the transfer section.

So do this instead to find center: measure from image edge to edge and divide in half and mark. Find center of the drawer, make a mark then line up the two marks.

What If Sections Are Too Wide for the Drawers?

That is what happened when I used this transfer. I had to get creative. I took the VIN EST part of the section out separately by rubbing it off avoiding any rub on the surrounding transfer in the section. It worked pretty much. If you can make a cut with scissors, so much better but it wasn’t possible with this section.

Redesign Décor Transfers®- Vin 26″x 32″

Removing the VIN EST left the village section that fit on the drawer below. The VINEYARD section barely fit on the drawer below that.

In the end I didn’t have room, or enough drawers for the Un REPAS SANS nor the SOLEIL sections. So, my buffet reads an incomplete sentence: Wine Is Is Like A Day Without. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Perfect for a Buffet Makeover With an Earthy Paint Color

I think this makeover works using the VIN transfer because the subject matter matches the type of furniture. A buffet it belongs in a dining room where wine is consumed! Sage and burgundy paint shades are great colors under this transfer. I used a green gray called by Sherwin Williams “Connected Gray”.

If you are interested in buying this buffet, check out the For Sale page for information.

Take a gander at before and after pictures here.

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