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Want Pure White on Cabinets (and Furniture)?

I’m loving the black check under floral design so much I didn’t might using it again. I made two changes from the first one. The paint used on this one is General Finishes Brushable White Enamel instead of chalk paint. Instead of decoupage check under transfer, I stenciled a buffalo plaid pattern.

This piece is wearing General Finishes Brush White Enamel as seen on Pintrest. It’s a brighter white and it so tough it can not be distress sanded. I didn’t want to distress this anyway. It requires no top coat, yay! The enamel does all the protective work.

Regardless of white paint brand and type, the Prep step is very important, super duper important.

2 Coat Prime Prep for Pure White is a MUST!

2 coats primer are applied anytime and every time I’m using white paint, regardless of primer brand, off-the-shelf oil based primer and for General Finishes Stain Blocker (water based). Foremost I want no peek-a-boo stain showing through and I want solid white color. Since both primers mentioned above (the only ones I use) are highly pigmented white, 2 coats makes a big, I’d say THE difference in result.

About Me

  • Painted using General Finishes Brushable White Enamel (available from KellaChic Supply Shop)
  • reDesign with Prima Ruby Rose Transfer over dark gray Buffalo Plaid stencil
  • Antique parlor table.

Dimensions and Price

Estimate: 32″ tall x 13″ deep and 27″ wide

$150 conveniently located inside Timeless Treasures Mason MI, 525 Cedar St, Mason MI. Open 7 Days 11-6