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Waterfall Dresser Makeover Gray and White

Styling a furniture makeover for quick sale is a narrow path, so I drew inspiration from a very similar waterfall dresser and popular Manatee Gray and White Fluff chic style.

I’m planning to do a couple of add-on styling just because I can:

  • Add white stripes on the sides,
  • Add a paper clay keyhole on the top drawer and
  • Add white dry brushing to soften the color blocking.

Note: In an unbelievable stroke of awesomeness in my paint inventory, a miss-tint quart of Sherwin Latex I bought last summer is a perfect match to Dixie Belle Manatee Gray! I did a boogie dance for a minute. For a little less than $4.00 per batch, my home-made paint is ALMOST as good as $30.00 professional chalk paint. For that kind of savings, I can work around the differences. To learn more about making your own chalk paint, go to my next post – Making Chalk Paint

Here’s How Mine Turned Out

Last minute add-on is stenciling on the drawer sides for a little extra bling. If you like this piece, it still may be available.

Go to my For Sale page for more information.

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