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Wine Bar Pottery Barn Hack

It’s after 5 somewhere.

In its previous life, this cabinet was an upscale TV console cabinet back in the day where TV’s were at floor level.  I found it banged up but in excellent shape otherwise.  I’m not a wine drinker but I see wine bar makeovers all over the place.  Of furniture I’ve come across to re-purpose, this one is definitely a wine bar.

Inspiration came from a Pottery Barn apothecary cabinet.  The squares on the cabinet doors made for a perfect apothecary look.  All surfaces were painted two coats General Finishes Lamp Black.  Still a few streaks of the bare wood are visible but it fits in with the look I was going for, so I didn’t go for a 3rd coat.

I’ve not embellished with copper accents before so I was unsure what paint to use.  My stand by for metallic accents is Rub N Buff but I could not find any in town.  The stuff on line looked reddish brown.  I had an appetite for shimmery penny copper.  I experimented with regular FolkArt acrylic paint at Joannes Fabric and found that dry brushing it was perfect for my vision.

The top coat is Chalked Matte Finish, but I have a downer experience with that product and this particular piece.  The product has a tendency to foam up with brushing.  I can accommodate that by minimizing the brush strokes usually.  This piece with all the corners was a real problem.  The foam accumulated in the corners and dried that way, looking like someone spit there.  Ug!  I love this product but I’ll not use it on pieces with a lot of detail.  I found a way to correct for the disappointment.

The wine rack came from Salvation Army earlier this summer and a failed attempt to organize spray paint cans.

So what am I doing with all these things I paint?  I wonder that myself.  I am very happy to see that some pieces have sold at Antique Mercantile.  That makes me very very happy.

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